PROGRAMMing 2009-2010

Galerie CLARK
Fall 09 UDO | Occupation
August 27 - October 3, 09 Le son a des jambes
Salle 1 | Jean-Pierre Gauthier  Pentacles imbriqués | Sculpture
Salle 2 | Minibloc Oreilles | Installation
Présentation spéciale | Jérôme Fortin Ring | Vinyl
September 25 - 8pm In the framework of VIVA! Art Action
« Concert imprévisible» Jean-Pierre Gauthier et Minibloc at CLARK's loading dock
September 17 - 26, 09 VIVA! art action | Performances Program
October 16-18, 09 APO — Ateliers Portes Ouvertes, 2e édition | Mile-End Artist Studio visit
October 15 - November 21, 09 Salle 1| Jon Sasaki (Toronto)| Sculpture
Salle 2| Dominique Sirois (Montreal)| Video
December 3 - 11, 09 Encan 21 - Annual Benefit Art Auction
December 12, 2 pm Encan 21 - Auction time
January 14 - February 20, 10 Salle 1 | Laurent Montaron (France) | Installation
Salle 2 | Frédéric Saïa (Montreal) | Installation
Audio Station | Marjolaine Bourdua (Montreal) | Son
March 4 - April 10, 10 Salle 1 | François Simard (Montreal) | Painting
Salle 2 | Chantal Durand (Montreal) | Installation
Audio Station | Nancy Tobin (Montreal) | Sound
May 6 - June 12 10 Salle 1 | Gabriel Coutu-Dumont (Montreal) | Photography
Salle 2 | Roger Gremo (Toronto) | Sculpture
Audio Station | Chantal Dumas (Montreal) | Sound
Artists residency
Fall 09 Alexis Lavoie
Winter10 Mathieu Jacques
From August 27th to October 3rd, 2009
Le son a des jambes (Sound has legs)
Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Minibloc, Jérôme Fortin.
Curator : Eric Mattson
Sculpture and installation
As part of Le Son a des jambes (Sound has legs) exhibition series, the curator Eric Mattson has brought together the artists Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Minibloc and Jérôme Fortin to follow up on an exploratory reflection on sound as material.
Fall 2009
From September 17th to 26th, 2009
VIVA! Art Action (
October 16,17,18, 2009
APO, Ateliers Portes Ouvertes — 2nd edition
Artists Studio Opening
After the huge success of last year edition of A.P.O, Mile-End artists open again their studios this fall. A fascinating opportunity to meet them in their working space. Free admission. Guided tours. Welcome to everyone.
From october 15th to November 21st, 2009
John Sasaki
Dominique Sirois
From December 3rd to 12th, 2009
Encan 21
Art for sale
Benefit Art Auction
The renown CLARK Art Auction offers you, for the 21th consecutive year, the opportunity to acquire amazing art from contemporary artists and doing so, making your life (or your living room) much more contemporary. The profits generated by this auction allows CLARK to continue his quest for a better world filled with art.
Thank you to buy Art at CLARK.
From January 14th to February 20th, 2010
Laurent Montaron
Frédéric Saïa
Marjolaine Bourdua
Poste audio
From March 4th to April 10th, 2010
François Simard
Chantal Durand
Nancy Tobin
Poste audio
From May 6th to June 12th,2010
Gabriel Coutu-Dumont
Roger Gremo